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Start Here – Easy Money Blackjack

Posted at February 13th, 2019

Start Here - Easy Money BlackjackClick Image To Visit SiteDear Blackjack Player, My name is Bill, I was a school teacher and was once like you. I bought into the theory that the game could be beaten by counting cards. And BELIEVE ME, I ate, drank and slept blackjack for over five years.

You name it, I mastered it: Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I & II, K-O, Zen Count, Canfield Expert, and more. I spent hours on card counting forums and blackjack discussion groups, and I found that people only bragged about winnings, but never mentioned their losses.

Sure, I had some big winning days when I celebrated and took my friends out for a night on the town, but my losers always ate away at my profits and eventually put me back under water.

I used to spend hours at a table amassing a pretty good stack of chips only to be WIPED OUT by a few bad hands. 

I went from one card counting strategy to another, learning to camouflage my betting pattern and changing tables often, but at the end of the year, I was always at a NET LOSS. The pain was so deep, I often felt like the unluckiest guy in the world.

Yes, it’s THAT painful – so I definitely know how you feel if you’ve been counting cards.

Most of us experience some early success (usually pure luck), but later we give it all back and then some.

Not at all. In fact, they love that kind of free publicity. See, for every professional blackjack team grinding out tiny advantages, there are thousands of amateurs counting cards and doing it poorly; LOSING, while trying to prove to the world how smart they are. 

Also, you’re required to play at a certain position at the table and to camouflage your betting… Read more…

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